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What is kiss

Love relationship meant that an explosion in the volume of kisses exploded. It may sound a trizm, but giving a good kiss is an important art form. And not everyone is great at it. With it, we give some tips. To benefit from this advice, by removing interviews with more than 100,000 people, the first step is to be an open mind.

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Some important points before kiss

  • Fall into a pattern is the death bell for good kisses. But, all are different joke just trying to be different is to shock you in search of new ways of kissing that will excite both you and your partner.
  • If you are a male, keep in mind that 96 percent of women love neck kissing. In fact, they tend to get mad for them. I know that probably sounds weird (because 90 per cent of people may not care less about kissing the neck), but if you want to make a girl happy, the neck bends over her neck and rounds her hand.
  • If you are a girl, you undoubtedly know that people love French kisses. Adding little tongue contact can do wonders for almost any kiss. Or just widen your mouth slightly and let it contact the tongue.
  • While kissing, most people fail to use their hands. We’re not talking about groping though it’s definitely time and space. Instead, try to steer your hands up and down your partner’s back.  Her face gently during the kiss. In the midst of an emotional kiss the bear embraced to pull his lover to pass. All these actions can add a synergistic spark to enhance your kiss.
  • Start from the beginning. All great storytellers know this. And, the same thing applies to kissing. Start with the basics, kiss a lip. Feathers and light, it could prepare the ground for everyone.
  • .A good way of doing this is to give you kisses to some simple lips to set the pattern to your partner, and then when it bends to the next one, then pull back and flash a bubbly smile. It would increase her appetite for more kissing.
  • What can you talk during the kiss? Sure, as long as you whisper to the sweet things in your partner’s ears. Do you know why they call them sweet notting? Because you can say anything! You can also say silly things.  
  • Do not fail to make preparations for kisses or more extended kissing sessions with eye contact, compliment and pleasant interaction. Go close enough to brush a raft of lit from her collar. Straighten her hair. Then, when you start to kiss, all that preparation revolves like the beautiful pictures in her mind, which enhances the erotic enjoyment of the kiss.
  • Consider your partner’s response. If he is yearning and smiling, then you are on the right track. If she is bored and unresponsive, then try something different. You can get good information about your lover’s excite, by shouldering your kisses from the cheek to the back, then slipping on the cheek and lips from behind.

How many Types of Kisses

A kiss may mean that it depends on what type of kiss it is and who it is coming from. A kiss can be one of the most magical experiences of your life. Each kiss offers a special connection to the other person, whether it be a kiss of friendship, passion or warm congratulations, it gives strong vibes. Kissing is not only reserved for the face and there are many places where kisses on the body are welcomed. It is said that a kiss is an expression of our souls, that is why there are plenty of options to choose from.

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Here are some variety of kisses and what they mean.

Types of kiss Kiss on hand
Types of kiss Forehead kiss
Types of kiss Single lip kiss
Types of kiss French kiss
Types of kiss Eskimo kiss
Types of kiss Spider man kiss
Types of kiss Butterfly kiss
Types of kiss Earlobe kiss
Types of kiss Lingering kiss
Types of kiss Kiss on cheeks
Types of kiss Bite kiss
Types of kiss The big tease
Types of kiss Vampire kiss
Types of kiss Air kiss
Types of kiss Jaw kiss
Types of kiss Kiss of angle
Types of kiss Lizard kiss
Types of kiss Secret message kiss
Types of kiss Seductive Kiss
Types of kiss “Leave a scar. “Kiss

Kiss on hand

This is when you hold a person gently with your fingers and chuumate the last part of the palm that is what reflects your admiration and passion for anyone.

Forehead kiss

A kiss on the forehead is a gentle expression of admiration. Usually it’s a kiss of friendship or a romantic starter kiss for something later.

Single lip kiss

A subtle single lip kiss is where you suck your lips between them at the same time and make sandwiches. It’s an evocative kiss, so you can know that you have a lot of them.

French kiss

The French have a lot of tongue action and mastery. While the master is not easy to do, it is generated from passion, romance and desire so part of the trick is just to go with your emotions.

Eskimo kiss

When two noses are scrub against each other, they are back and forth. It is a parent and often given to your child from a guardian. Eskimos are considered to be the romantic option for those who live in cold weather, otherwise the risk of simultaneous being stuck of lips remains.

Spiderman kiss

Before coming out with Spiderman epic kiss scene Maybe this erotic kiss was in the mix. Sapaidi is upside down and Mary Jane is standing on the right side. It is less risky while doing the sofa or horizontally on the bed and the kiss of passion among lovers.

Butterfly kiss

When two people come so close to each other, they kiss that their eyelids are added. This kind of kiss and this intimate gesture is for those crazy people who love each other.

 Earlobe kiss

This all-tackled kiss is targeting a arogenus zone, so it’s a great thing. You complete it gently by kissing or ears on the earrings. is considered one of the most romantic and intimate Kisses among lovers.

 Lingerig kiss

Long-term kisses make the lips burst by kissing lip. It is full of intense emotion and passion and is often reserved for new love.

Kiss on Cheek

A little beak on the cheek, often in combination with a hand or half hug on hand. It depends on where you are in the world. For some cultures, it’s a Hello or goodbye.

The bite kiss

On a person’s facial characteristics such as nose, cheek, chin, eventually subtle bites and nibble and finally a kiss on the neck are planted. Deep erotic kiss which is spontaneous among lovers and exposes intimacy and sexuality.

The Big Tease

A kiss which could live for hours and perhaps what was in the mind of John Mayer, when he wrote. “Your body is a wonderland.  n “You have to chedte your partner while starting from the forehead to explore their body with their lips and make their way in every way. Down One would say that this is a very invested method of foreplay and devoted to lovers.

Vampire kiss

A deep sexy kiss on the neck which contains a bite of sucking and biting. For lovers in an intimate setting.

The air kiss

What air can be seen in the salutation in Old French films. It’s in the air beside someone’s cheeks a  is done by giving “Mwaah “. Sometimes it is done on the basis of both the cheeks of which you are in the country. It’s popular among celebs and it can be seen even within family and friends. It’s a non-romantic, friendly gesture.

Jaw kiss

A kiss that chuumates your partner’s jaw while gentle and yet incredibly sensual. This kiss is for those who are already intimate and very close to each other.

Kiss of an Angel

It is a gentle kiss on someone’s lashes and a sweet gesture between two people who love each other deeply. A mother could do for her child or a husband could make for his wife.

Lizard Kiss

This is where the tongue goes inside and out of the mouth in sharp strokes. It is a passionate kiss for lovers who are hot and heavy in each other.

Secret Message Kiss

This happens when the lovers send the French kiss message, while others do not know about the kiss. It is for two people who are very close to each other.

Seductive Kiss

This is where you are part of an open mouth, which is like a subtle French kiss (albeit less tongue). A kiss to win someone’s heart and entice them. This will make someone’s knees vulnerable

“Leave a mark” Kiss

Lipstick is also known as Kiss where a girl makes lipsticks and kisses her partner on the cheek, neck or lip. It leaves a trail and is usually only a playful gesture.

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