What is Love?


Love is a complex set of emotions, attitudes and beliefs associated with the strong feelings of affection, security and equitable for another human being. Love can also be used to implement non-human animals, theories and religious beliefs. For example, a person can say that they love their dogs, love freedom or love God.

What does love mean?

Love cares about what gets of you, because love knows that we are all connected. Love is inherently compassionate and sympathetic. Love knows that other “There is also itself. It is the true nature of love, and love cannot be held only smartly or back. Love the sovereignty of equal every soul.

What is love mean?

Love has been a privileged subject of philosophical, poets, writers and scientists for generations, and different people and groups have often struggled with their definition. While most people believe that love implies strong feelings of affection, there are many disagreements about their exact meaning, and a person’s. I love you could mean very different from anyone else.

What is love definition?

  • The desire to prioritize the welfare or happiness of others on one’s own.
  • Extreme feelings of connection, affection and distress.
  • Dramatic and sudden stimulation of charm and equitable.
  • A fleeting sense of care, affection and choice.
  • An option to include, to help, resemble and care for others, such as having a marriage or having a child.
  • A combination of the above sentiments.
What’s love got to do with it?

There has to be much debate about whether love is a choice, lasting or short-lived, and whether love between family members and spouses is biologically programmed or culturally in theoretical. Love can vary from person to person and culture. Each of the debates about love can be corrected in given time and place. In some cases, for example, love can be an option, while in other cases it does feel uncontrollable.

How do you define love? According different ways

Love takes different forms, we can experience every experience of love in our own way, that’s why the definition of the word Love so complex. And so we lie awake at night, searching the internet for an accurate definition, because our culture creates a need for a person we want to know to experience the love of others, so that we can determine how our love is preying against that definition

  • Love as a Chemistry

From a scientific standpoint, love is a potent and enduring neurological condition. Love is chemistry and it’s not something you necessarily control. For example, take the difference between lust and love. Lust is a temporary craving stimulated by the release of a growth of testosterone and estrogen agents, it takes a bit, so normalize your-self and it’s gone. But if you feel true love, the brain can release a whole range of chemicals, so you can try them out in different expressions.

  • Love as a commitment

Love is so hard to define because it doesn’t exist as a thing. We can feel our love for others, our parents, friends, children and pets. Some of us direct our love to God or celebrities, and we can keep love with our neighbors, countries and objects. Love may be blind, poorly directed, tragic, unconditional, unbreakable and absurd. It takes many different variants, but in the best love is an emotional commitment that we constantly develop and nurture.

  • Love is an infatuation

To overcome the aspect of engagement, love is an infatuation. If you’re passionate about someone now, then you’re just devoted to him or her. Love that madness is not really good love because we, well, we often get the root of our passion relationship, which may mean you focus more on the idea of the same relationship than the love or real relationship.

  • Love as a compatibility

After all, love, when all is said and done, is also about compatibility. When you destroy and analyze the various relationships, one of the key factors is how the two partners are compatible. If you share the same values, tastes and garb, interests, political or philosophical opinions with someone, you are more likely to be more compatible and therefore more likely to be in love. Of course, there may always be situations in which Resist the draw, but to develop the roots of the relationship will always be common intentions, or it could fall into one of the other categories of love. Love and compatibility work together to create a rapport, so at the end of the day you want someone to know that you know you are compatible with, right?

What is love explain?

Love is the force of nature. As much as we want, we can’t order, demand or take love away, any more than we could order the moon and the Stars and the wind and rain that can come and go to our craze. We may have a limited ability to change the weather, but we do so at risk of disturbing an ecological balance that we don’t fully understand. Likewise, we can mount a seduction phase or a courtship, but the result is more of an infatuation, or the two together dancing illusions, fondly. You can invite love, but you can’t dictate how, when and where love expresses itself. You can choose to surrender to love or not, but love the beats like lightning in the end: unpredictable and unattainable. You can also find yourself beautiful if you love people you don’t like at all. Love comes with terms, specifications, balances or codes. Like the sun, love radiates regardless of our fears and desires.

What is love all about/ what is love about?

Love is naturally free. It cannot be bought, sold or traded. You can’t make someone love one, nor can you stop them being for any amount of money. Love cannot be imprisoned, nor can it be expedited. Love is not a substance, not an object, not a well-qualified source of energy. There is no area in love, there is no limit. There is no quantitative mass or energy output. You can buy loyalty, camaraderie, meditation and maybe even compassion, but you can’t only buy love. You can buy an orgasm, but can’t love. He comes of his own willpower and in his time, without being planned by people. Love cannot be turned on as a reward. It cannot be closed as punishment. Only pretending to be anything else to love can be insinuated as a lure, as a hook, for bait and for switching, copying, but the real deal can never be given until it jumps freely from the heart.

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