Do you have A Crush on A girl?


Are you a boy and you have a girlfriend or you see a girl daily and you like her but you never tell her about your feelings because you fear to lose her? So, it means you have a crush on that girl or you want her into your life but you don’t know how it will be possible? Don’t worry I will tell you everything about how you can explain your feeling in front of any girl on which you have crush or love. Read this post very carefully and know how to know you have a crush on a girl.

How to know you have Crush on girl?

It’s a big question how I or you can know you have a crush on girl? Here I will tell you some psychological terms and symptoms which express your feeling about anyone or a girl.

Some Symptoms which clear you have crush on a girl:

These are some symptoms which shows you, you have a crush on a girl.

Some things you find crush on girl

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