Some reasons don’t send nudes photo someone


Do you want to send nudes someone but before Sending nude selfies just think one time because it is not necessary that most of us are comfortable with it And besides, just because he does not ask that you need to oblige. He can blackmail you. Or He could misuse to your nudes.  So before sending nudes someone be sure that he is trusted guy for you.

Are Sending Nudes safe for you?

It’s a very common question everybody wants to know about it. As I am a relationship consultant, in many cases sending nudes could be harmful for you so I will never prefer to send nude Images of your, If he really loves you he will never want your naked images, Because he respect you, If he don’t love he want only nudes and sex, But a true lover only want to talk to you he can satisfy him with your voice and normal images, Coz he loves.

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Sending naked good or bad

As everybody wants to know sending naked pictures are good or bad so in my Vision sending nudes are not to necessary to anyone. Because sending nudes are bad.

Here are some reasons that you should not sending your nudes.

  • You care about your future. If you dream to make your future bright then don’t endanger your future with someone
  • It’s only about your respect because you have it for yourself, and it’s even better for you. If he does, then he doesn’t ask, and if he doesn’t, then he doesn’t deserve them.
  • You will accomplish this task. । anticipation is sexy. If he really wants you, he can wait to see the real thing in person.
  • Create your filters. Enjoy the accidental calamity you’ve created. You are hiding your destiny that bothers you in any way. It does not mean you hate to break from girls, but just because you are strategically hiding your face does not imply that no one will recognize it. Good effort.
  • You don’t want to. You are only for him, and that is the wrong reason to do anything. If you have something to think twice about you probably shouldn’t do it.
  • Because you’re probably not the only one he’s asking for them. It’s like late night smash calls when she texts 5 hopes that the girls will answer at least one. Don’t be that girl.
  • They cannot be overlooked just like a tattoo, you can try to cover it up, but it never really goes away.
  • He showed his friends because obviously, you don’t even brag to your friends about looking good for him, but seriously, EW.
  • He loses his phone. Like all the time. From last night the cab driver did not find his phone, he found something else, as well.
  • The Internet is a dangerous place. You may not know just going viral and also. You think all those girls posted pictures of themselves? Well, maybe some.
  • You can accidentally send to the wrong person. Like a friend with the same name, do not your grandmother, or God, your boss.
  • People look through their phones. Because your over smart friends can never just look at a picture you’re trying to show them. Stop scrolling!! And let’s also cell phone store which is just your selfies is not the sales clerk discussion on transferring to your new device.
  • You’re exploiting yourself If there is something that you enjoy and feel empowered by, go for it in every way and enjoy it. If you are not, listen to your instinct. You are worth more than your naked body.


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